We believe that small groups are an integral part of growing the Kingdom of God, as we strive to love one another more and more.


We encourage everyone to be a part of a Wesley Fellowship Group which is described as…

Connecting people relationally in groups (4 to 12 individuals) for the purpose of growing in Christlikeness, loving one another, and contributing to the work of the church, in order to love God, love others and serve the world.

These groups meet together on a regular basis, some during the daytime and some during the evenings. Some of the groups will choose to study the Bible, relating it to life, while others may choose a topical study, relating it to Biblical principals (or a combination of both!).

For more information and/or to get connected to a Wesley Fellowship Group, please click on the button above and fill out an information form! This will help facilitate the next steps toward getting connected!

We also offer Sunday School classes that all are welcome to participate in.

  • 8:00AM: The Sonrise Class (room 107). This class is a structured discussion approach to help new to mature believers discover and unlock God’s will and learn more about His Word using video, movies, current news events, and focused Bible Study; integrated purposely to help make world-changing disciples. Facilitator is Lary Hershelman, email: Lary Hershelman
  • 9:30AM: Fellowship class (room 109). This is an adult Bible study. Facilitator is Tom Weld, email: Tom Weld
  • 9:30AM: The Seekers (room 107). This adult Bible study studies books which relate to the Bible and everyday living. Facilitator is Gary Worthley, email: Gary Worthley
  • 11:00AM: Godly Purposed Seekers (GPS) (room 108). This group is made up of individuals interested in growing spiritually. Facilitator is Erik Stout, email: Erik Stout